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Do you do a great job with posting to your

company page, but then stay silent on

your personal page? Or wonder if you are

posting too many personal details? It’s a

very common question- something every

working person struggles with.

People usually say “Well, no one cares what

I’m doing on the weekend, or outside of


Actually, they do. They really do. You’ve

probably heard the saying that people

don’t hire companies, they hire people.

It’s why “chemistry” with the client is so

critical in professional services

firms. Why wouldn’t you want to

pre-establish chemistry with your

prospective friends and clients


Socialmedia is rootedculturally

in showing your real, whole self.

And the truth is that your personal

life is

almost undoubtedly


interesting than your business

life. People would rather hear about the

specific things that make you be you. It’s

what can set you apart from others and it’s

what can make people remember you over

the next guy.

Now, of course there’s a difference between

personal and boring. The stereotype of

Twitter being filled with updates on what

you had for lunch is exaggerated, but the

underlying principle is not. When you’re

tweeting or blogging or updating about

your personal life, it should be something

that actually reveals a dimension of your

life, or character, or belief system. “I

ate at Panera” doesn’t do that, “Lunch

at Panera today, had a great salad and

stayed on my diet!” does. It doesn’t have

to be something earthshattering, just

something real and specific.

The things you share also may depend on

what your business is. If you’re a personal

trainer, then your exercise and what you

eat is actually very relevant. If you are a

coach or consultant, then maybe you want

to post which coffee shop you are working

out of that day, or what new client you’ve

just met with, or what business book you’re

reading. The options are endless!

It doesn’t need to be a lot. You just want to

Balancing Your Personal and

Professional Lives in

Social Media

By Lynne Wilson








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