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As the owner and leader

of your business, your job

is to build value in your

organization. Taking the

long view, the goal is to

create a business that you

can sell when you want to

exit your business. Many business owners sell

their businesses for significant money when they

retire or move on. Others close their doors and

receive nothing for their business.

In order to build a business that has value when

you are ready to exit, focus on these 5 areas now:

1. Financial Performance:

How is your

business performing financially? Do you have

good financial records? A budget? A cash plan?

Key financial indicators? I am always surprised

at how many of my clients do not have these in

place when we start working together. Money

is the blood of your business and you have to

have knowledge of how money flows through

your business.


Growth Potential:

Are you growing or are

sales stagnant? Do you

have potential to grow over

time? Do you have a good

product strategy? Do you

have a marketing strategy?

3. Differentiation:

Your brand is what

people say about you after they buy from

you. It is more than your logo and colors. It is

the feeling your customers have about your

company. Is your brand strong? What is your

brand? Are you sufficiently differentiated from

competitors? What is your brand commitment?

Do you live up to your brand commitment


4. Customer satisfaction:

Are your

customers satisfied? Do you meet and exceed

your customers’ expectations? Do you have a

way of measuring customer satisfaction? Do

youdeliver yourproductor serviceconsistently?

Do you have a quality management system?


to Build




By Michael Kaplan








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