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Being An

Entrepreneur Has

Ups and Downs

This month I truly enjoyed the time I spent

interviewing our featured expert, Eric J. Watts. Be

sure to read our article about this inspirational guy;

I also encourage you to take a listen to the recording

of our interview. One of the things we discussed

was how most entrepreneurs experience hills and

valleys in our businesses and the importance of

using what Eric calls the “Gambler Theory,” to know

when to “hold ‘em” and “when to fold ‘em”.

I’ve seen some entrepreneurs think that a down

cycle is a definite sign from the Universe that they

weren’t meant to be an entrepreneur. So they

fold’ em. However, it could quite possibly be a sign

from the Universe that there’s something to learn

from the situation. Hence maybe “holding ‘em” is

a better strategy. The one thing I’ve noticed from

the ups and downs is that the length of the down

period is controllable by attitude, tenacity, action

and determination to uncover the learning.

I hope that you find inspiration, motivation and

knowledge from the articles in this issue and don’t

forget to take advantage of the links provided.

Pat Altvater

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