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Cover Feature: Eric J. Watts Lives His Passion Every Day 04. 6 Things To Learn From Squirrels In The Road and Nik Wallenda by Jack Klemeyer Eliminate Distractions When Working From Home by Holly Kile Do You Accept Credit Cards? 4 Pitfalls to Avoid by Jeanne DeWitt Is The IRS Installment Agreement a Good Option for You by Tina Moe, CPA Balancing Your Personal and Professional Lives in Social Media by Lynne Wilson 12. 10. 08.

Core Business Strategies

Business Acceleration Strategies

Personal Growth Strategies

14. 16. Don’t Sell To Grow Your Business by Diane Helbig The One Page Business Plan: Creating Strategies by Megan Patton Servant Leadership Practices… the Sam Walton Way by The Merit Group Stop Your Business From Owning You by Cindy Allen Stuckey Our Favorite Videos 36. 38. 34. 42. 44. Career To Calling by Eric Watts Weed Your Own Garden First by Jamie Sue Johnson Say a Few Words Without Fear by Lillian Zarzar Use The Success Lens To Become a More Powerful Communicator by Joan Washburn 24. 26. 22. 28. 5 Ways to Build Value Not Work by Michael Kaplan 18. The Role of Pain by Rochelle Forrest 30. Supportive Therapies - What’s That All About by Debra Reis 32.