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Selling is the last thing you

should do when trying to grow

your business! Don’t think that

makes sense? Find out what I

mean and, more importantly,

what to do to really grow and


When we think of selling we

think of persuading, convincing,

cajoling. We think of the slick

salesmanwho tries to talk us into

something we probably don’t

need or want. That’s why I say,

‘don’t sell.’ Selling is

not about

convincing someone

they need

what you have to offer.

It IS about matching your

product or service to their


And until you know what

they need, you can’t get them to

buy. Consider these 3 steps for

growing your business.

Understand Value

You have to understand how your product or service

is valuable to your clients. And it’s value as they see it,

not as you define it. If you are unsure, ask them. When

you understand how your product is valuable to your

client you are closer to knowing who needs it.

Ask questions

Selling is more about asking questions and listening to

the answers than it is about explaining your product.

You want to discover as much as you can about the

prospect and their needs. This is your chance to learn

about them. You’ll have time later to tell them about

you. This is where most people falter. They go into the

sales meeting with their charts, PowerPoints, benefits,

and features all ready to go. And the minute they get

a chance to talk, they are off to the races. Guess what?

The prospect isn’t listening. And you aren’t learning.

Connect the dots

Now that you know what they need, tell them only the

relevant aspects of your product or service. Connect

your solution to their problem. That is what they will

listen to; what they will hear.




Don’t Sell To Grow

Your Business

By Diane Helbig








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