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passion and message cannot help but inspire

each viewer.

Eric was frustrated working in the corporate

structure in his previous jobs, but is enjoying

every second of his life now working with others

and feeling the satisfaction of helping them “Soar

to Success.”

By doing something in his work life that he is

passionate about, he is able to embrace life.

He has seen the good days and the bad days,

but tries to learn from both. Every day can be

fantastic and everyone should celebrate for as

long as they can.

To learn more about Eric, his work, speaking, and

passion visit:

Listen to our complete interview with Eric by

visiting the

Soar to Success magazine website.

Eric feels that to “Soar to Success” every

successful person must have



both themselves and what they are doing.

When everything seems to be going the wrong

way, successful people have enough belief in

themselves and the tenacity to stick to their

path, solve the problems and strive to reach

their established goals.

“When people begin to live their dream they

become unstoppable.”

Successful people also have to have

#2, DEEP


of what makes them tick.

They need to spend quiet time away from their

smart phones, tablets and computers to reassess

and evaluate their actions and assure they are

staying on point to achieve their stated goals.

Eric also believes every successful person

adheres to his

#3,“Gambler Theory.”

He even

teaches it to his students at Ohio Dominican.

“Just like Kenny Rogers, every successful person

needs to know, when to hold’em, when to

fold’em, when to walk away and when to run”

His philosophy of life is that you only get



Few people get a redo at life or achieving


”So you’ve got a choice, opportunity is the

ammunition, you get one choice, take it and do

everything in your power to accomplish what

you’ve been given to do.”

He also believes everyone needs a little help

from time to time. Many people fail because

they are too proud or embarrassed to ask for

help and guidance. His advice,

“You can have all the natural gifts and talents in

the world, but if you are attempting something

for the first time, you’re going to need some help.

Don’t be afraid to seek direction, It’s not a sin.”

What It Takes To Soar To Success








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