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Yes, you are right, it is a strange

title for an article, but there is a

very relevant message for business

owners and entrepreneurs in that

silly title. Let me explain.

It seems that lately I have seen the

unfortunate squirrel flattened in the

street more than usual. Maybe it is

because I have been working on this

article in my head for some time

and maybe it is because the squirrel

does not quite know how to cross

the road.

You have seen it.

Mr. Squirrel decides

to run across the

road. Maybe it is the

thought of all the nuts

buried just 30 feet

across the asphalt.

He begins to run, and

then stops. Maybe he

thinks there might be nuts closer on

his side of the road without having

to risk running across the asphalt

gauntlet. Then he returns to the

original idea and takes a moment

to weigh the risk versus reward and

that is when our friend Mr. Squirrel

meets Mrs. Michelin, or Mr. Firestone

or Mr. Goodyear and that is the end

of Mr. Squirrel.

Then there is the story of Nik

Wallenda. He, like our dearly departed

friend, Mr. Squirrel, likes to cross

things. Who knows exactly why, but

he and his entire family are famous

for it. In contrast to Mr. Squirrel, Nik

sets out with a definite plan. He has

the contingencies and the what-ifs

all planned out in the event there is

a wind that blows up just as he hits

the midway point, like in his latest

crossing of the Grand Canyon. To Nik,

there is no such thing as “unexpected.”

No matter the circumstance, Nik

Wallenda is committed. He sees his

plan through from the beginning to

the other end of the rope.

6 Things To Learn From

Squirrels In The Road and


By Jack Klemeyer








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