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GrowYour Business™Coaching founder Jack Klemeyer is recognized as a preeminent

resource for business professionals. As a John Maxwell Certified coach, speaker,

trainer and facilitator of Mastermind groups for business owners and professionals,

his results-driven philosophy calls for action and accountability. He and his Grow

Your Business™ team are dedicated to taking businesses and their owners to the

next level. Jack can be reached at

or at 317-755-6963.

Connect with Jack at

and on

Watch Jack’s video series

Here are the lessons for us as business owners

and entrepreneurs:

1. Have a plan that includes strategies for the


2. Know exactly what you want so when you

get there, you will know for sure you are

finished or have arrived.

3. It is far better to commit and stick to your

plan allowing for unforeseen circumstances.

4. Once you begin, do not look back but

appreciate the ground you have covered

and benefit from every step.

5. Do not look down. Keep your eyes fixed on the

goals you set out to accomplish from the very


6. Hesitation is the death of squirrels in the

road and in business. Get moving.

As the late Jim Rohn said, “You can learn from

both the beholds and the bewares. Choose

wisely.” Pick the path of Mr. Squirrel and you

will be lucky if you make it. Pick the path of Nik

Wallenda and you, too, will reach the end of the

rope and be ready to step into new opportunities

and possibilities.








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