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Holly Kile works with professional coaches and work-at-home entrepreneurs to help

them create more time, energy and money through leveraging the power of virtual

tools and teams. Using her extensive background in operations management,

systems analysis/implementation and strategic business marketing, Holly works

with business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with figuring out how to

effectively achieve their vision for their business. Holly is the president of HJK Global

Solutions and founder of Connect Coaching Academy.

Connect with her at

HJK Global Solutions

and on

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extremely important to me.

The R is for

Realistic Boundaries


Earlier I referenced a 5 page

output in a project. Make sure

you set a boundary – or you can

look at it as an expectation – as

something realistic. You don’t

want to stress yourself out trying

to achieve something that’s not

possible and you don’t want to

set up false expectations with

your client or family. Nobody

wins in that scenario.

The final piece is to

Talk about


. Once you set your

boundaries, you need to share

them with anyone that they

impact. If you set boundaries

with your work availability, let

clients know and then stick to

them. Once they have been

made aware of the boundaries

then you can enforce them. If

you keep them to yourself, you

can very well expect them to

honor your preferences, can you?

Using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym

for your boundaries will help

you to set expectations and a

framework for you to achieve

your best work all while avoiding




disappointment. For more on

this and other strategies to work

effectively, I invite you to join me

inmy Virtual Bootcamp Program.

To learn more and register for

our next session, visit us at www.









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