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Why Visuals Matter on


By Lynne Wilson

Are your posts getting all the attention you’d

like? Are you using the best images to go along

with your content? Using great visuals can

really make a difference.

Are you investing enough time and money in

the images that you post on social media?

Here are some stats that might get your


• Tweets with images receive 18% more

clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more


• Facebook posts with photos saw the most

engagement—accounting for a whopping

87% of total interactions

• Photos on Facebook get 53% more likes on


The reason visuals matter is because they

work. Pictures work online for a few different

reasons. The first and most important reason

is that they grab the reader’s attention- our

brains can process images a lot faster than

text. Another reason they work is because

images and pictures are highly shareable

online. They create buzz and conversation.

People are much more likely to share

something when there are visuals to go along

with it.

Now---- what makes an image successful? Here

are some things to look for:

• Visually appealing-

you need to stand

out in a world of cont

ent overload. So

use images that are not ordinary, or not so

expected. They still need to relate to your

topic somehow, but don’t go with boring

and safe- think creatively.

• High quality-

they should be clear and

sharp with enough contrast to be visible

easily. Great colors are always helpful.

• Branded-

you should have your company

name and logo on the image so that if it gets

shared- your info stays with it. Don’t make

your logo huge, but small and understated

in the corner is great.

• Simple text-

don’t go overboard with

words, they will not be readable. Just a few

words to help with your call to action or









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