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Is How You Look

Keeping You From

Creating Videos?

One of my clients recently shared that she didn’t want to

share her last two videos with her tribe. She thought she

looked heavy. We are our own worst critics, aren’t we?

The reality is that people see us in our entirety…our

passion, our energy, our wisdom, our thoughtfulness,

our appearance. Our authentic self is what they see

when we allow them in. When we are focused on all

those things that aren’t perfect, we miss out on being

present and truly ourselves.

Many people allow what they believe about how they

look keep them from even getting started with video. If

that’s you, think of it as a personal growth experience.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Never again say

– I hate my hair, I look heavy or I’m

nervous about being on camera…whatever it is that

is keeping you from video. Instead say a positive

affirmation like, I’m confident and comfortable in

front of the camera.

2. Take the focus off you and

turn your attention to

your audience

…think about how your message

will benefit them; how your information can make

their lives better

3. When you watch yourself on video…and you should

watch yourself…

watch your video like it’s not you

don’t focus on

your looks

, but focus on your energy,

enthusiasm and delivery of the message. If that’s

not good, then don’t use the video. If it is good,

then you’ll be off and running with a new marketing

strategy of using video to grow your business.

Hope you are ready to start 2016 with confidence and

belief in yourself.

Pat Altvater

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