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Cover Feature:

Tina Moe, CPA,

Embraces the CPA’s

Evolving Role


Effective Leaders and the Trainer of the Budweiser Clydesdales by

Joan Washburn

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Boundaries for Yourself to Get More Done by

Holly Kile

Why It Pays To Use Electronic

Signatures by Jeanne DeWitt

Why Visuals Matter on Social by Lynne Wilson Do you owe the IRS? A look at the IRS Collection Process by

Tina Moe, CPA

12. 10. 08.

Core Business Strategies

Business Acceleration Strategies

Personal Growth Strategies

14. 16. The One Page Plan: Defining Objectives by Megan Patton Always Know Your DEEPER Why! by The Merit Group Leaders—A Coach Can Make Your Business More Competitive

by Cindy Allen Stuckey

5 Words to Never Use in Business by Jack Klemeyer Our Favorite Videos 30. 32. 28. 34. 38. Stop Taking It Personally--It’s Not About You! by Dr. Deitra Hickey What Time Is It? by Eric J. Watts It Is Time To Get Fit! by Rochelle Forrest ‘Tis The Season by

Lillian Zarzar

22. 24. 20. 26. Is It Time To Unplug? by Jamie Sue Johnson 36.

Cover Photography by Esther Boston