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5 Words to Never

Use in Business

By Jack Klemeyer

There are five simple words

that combined should never

be used in the business or

sales world. What five words

could be so powerful? To be

honest with you … those are

the words.

Think about it, when you

say the phrase,

“to be honest

with you …”

it is implied

that at some time you

have not been honest with

your audience but finally

you are coming clean and

bearing the truth of truths

to them. That is the reason

why I believe those five little

words should never be used

in that combination.

To be


that is three of the

five words, but it has the

same effect; creating doubt

in the listener’s mind.


… reduces the

number of words to one

but also implies the same

questions of honesty as the

other more wordy phrases.

I have heard sales people

addressing a key prospect

and stating any one of the

three only to be unsuccessful

in the attempt to make the


I have seen executives

addressing a crowd of

employees and consistently

using one of the phrases

addressed in this article to

the same tragic effect. The

executives cannot for the

life of them figure out why

they face challenges with

their teams trusting them.

Now that I have called it to

your attention and you have

time to think about it, you

have probably heard the








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