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Tina Moe

CPA , Owner of

A.C.T. Services Inc.

, Embraces the CPA’s Evolving Role


ina Moe, Certified Public Accountant

and owner of A.C.T. Services Inc. refers

to herself as an educator and tax code

interpreter for individuals and business

owners. She took an unconventional

route to becoming a Certified Public Accountant

and owning her own business. Her parents

decided it was in her best interests if she got a

job and started living on her own, when she was

just 18 years old. One of her early jobs involved

doing minor bookkeeping services for a small

pool company. She found tracking debits and

credits interesting work and decided to pursue an

accounting degree.

She funded her college tuition by providing

bookkeeping and payroll services to businesses.

Tina says she traveled from business to business

doing their bookkeeping and payroll and over time,

started to develop a clientele. She realized as she

neared graduation that she had a business. Those

contacts, cultivated throughout her collegiate








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