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years, became her initial clients, once she

graduated, and started a full accounting practice.

Her first 90 square foot office had a westerly-

facing window that made her room seemmore like

a sauna in the afternoons. That small space is long

gone and the latest move for A.C.T. Services Inc.

was into a beautiful 4,300 square foot office, with

her window facing north, to avoid the afternoon

glare. Her firm now has 12 employees offering

a complete array of accounting services to meet

every possible IRS, Payroll, Bookkeeping and

General Accounting need.

As her business has grown and progressed, Tina

realized that she especially enjoys educating new

startup business owners on how to establish

systems to stay in compliance. Being involved from

the conceptualization of the business’s accounting

systems and processes allows her to contribute

to the growth and success of the business. It also

prevents the client from encountering taxation

penalties or other financial problems arising from

incorrect filings.

Her passion for this work stems from past

encounters with business owners that experienced

problems with the IRS, two or three years into their

business, who came to her and said, “gosh I didn’t

know I was supposed to be doing that, or I didn’t

know I was doing that wrong.”

According to Tina,

“Unfortunately ignorance is

not a defense, when it comes to the IRS.”

Those business owners found that out the hard

way; it would have been cheaper and much less

stressful, if they had aligned themselves with the

right professionals at the outset and gotten the

correct advice.

Tina has a vision to continue growing her business

and building an organization that serves business

owners, as well as, individuals. She wants to

expand, while maintaining a high level of reliability,

professionalism and accuracy, all at a fair price.

Building her team is also a focus for Moe. She

plans to continue to build a team of professionals

that keep their promises to clients and meet every

important deadline. Tina said, “I want a team that

sees problems and challenges to their resolution

and maintains a constant learning mentality. I think

that is important in every business. I also want

each member of the team to maintain the sense

of being approachable, pleasant to work with and

intelligent”. Tina has built her business by providing

the best accounting services and advice, and she

expects the same from her entire team.

“We never want our client to be intimidated.

We strive to translate accounting and tax into

English so our clients feel comfortable with the

documents we create.”

Tina also has a plan to continue to expand her

business through future acquisitions. That is a

solid method of growth for her business.

Tina’s advice for new business owners is to be

surrounded by the right professionals; such as,

an attorney, a CPA, and someone in the insurance

industry. Entrepreneurs typically have an optimistic

spirit and there’s nothing wrong with passion and








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