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enthusiasm. However, according to Moe, they must

plan for the worst and with the help of the right

advisors, they will be prepared for the untimely or

damaging obstacles that may happen to challenge

their business.

With her experience and success, Tina is a sought

after consultant and speaker.

Tina says


“I can’t say that I love doing speaking

but I think the message is important.”

Moe also urges business owners to expand their

comfort zone and push themselves to do things

that will help them grow personally, such as public

speaking. Even though they may be reluctant at

first, she firmly believes public speaking is one of

the most important skills that a business owner

can possess.

Even in an industry that is constantly changing,

Tina is more confident than she has ever been

and embraces the expanded role of consultant

not just accountant.

According to Moe, a CPA’s

role today not only includes being an accounting

and tax service provider, but they also serve as

a trusted advisor. The relationship the CPA has

with a business owner is important to help guide

and navigate the business through governmental

regulation and competitive pressures. The days of

a bookkeeper leaning over his desk wearing a green

visor pouring over records is definitely “old school.”

Tina believes she is in a personal and professional

growth phase of her life and has been embracing

that. She no longer see challenges as problems as

much as a chance to stretch herself. She realizes

that every situation is not earth shattering; each

problem may be an opportunity in disguise and

simply requires a mind shift.

Tina Moe has spent her career “Soaring to

Success” by building a thriving accounting firm.

She understands the challenges of the future

and is ready and excited to keep moving forward,

learning and expanding.

To contact Tina Moe and learn more about A.C.T.

Services visit:


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