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Author, entrepreneur, IT expert and speaker, Jeanne DeWitt has over 30 years of

IT experience helping businesses navigate their way through the ever changing

world of technology. Starting CPU, Inc. back in 1986, along with her partner David

Hood, she has now become an international, go-to-source for expert advice in

the IT Industry including Cloud Services, Infrastructure Security and Support,

Cybersecurity, VoIP Phone Technologies, Enterprise Resource Planning and

Business Continuity Planning.

Connect with Jeanne at her websites,

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Social Engineering


Social engineering is a means

of tricking an individual into disclosing revealing

or personal information about themselves or their

company. You might feel confident that you wouldn’t

fall for a cybercriminal’s tricks, but what about your

employees? Dodgy emails from a bizarrely named

sender containing a link to an unheard-of-website are

yesterday’s news. Modern social engineering is highly

evolved and extremely cunning, and has the potential

to convince even the most streetwise internet user.

The sad fact is that there are people who want

to do you harm – regardless of what kind of data

you hold. People, no matter how well-meaning or

vigilant, are the weakest link in any security chain,

which means that ensuring your business’s safety

necessitates educating your staff and ensuring

that your network is impenetrable.

Want to make sure that your business is as hack-

proof as it can be?

Contact me today.







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