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Tips to Get Ready

to FileYour

2015 Taxes

By Tina Moe, CPA

By now you should have

received all or most of your

2015 tax documents such as

your W-2’s, 1099’s, mortgage

interest statements, brokerage

statements from investment

accounts, college education

forms 1098-T and any other

types of reporting documents

you’ll need.

One of the best ways to make

sure you have everything is to

simply look at your prior year

tax return to make sure you

have everything or, if you have

a tax professional, you can ask

for a tax organizer that will

serve as a checklist. If you own

your home and still owe on your

mortgage, chances are likely you

will itemize and need additional

information to do so.

Schedule A is used for itemiz-

ing your deductions and can be

found within the first 3 or 4 pag-

es of your 1040. A tax organizer

will also be helpful in providing

a list of possible deductions for

itemizing on schedule A. Be

sure to look this over and gath-

er additional information such

as the cost to plate your vehicle

in 2015, cash and noncash char-

itable donations, major medical

expenses and unreimbursed

employee business expenses.

Using your prior year returns, as







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