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Creating a constant stream of social

posts can be difficult. Planning

social media posts in advance

will ensure that you always have

quality content to share.

When you plan your content

ahead of time you can be

sure that you are covering a

wide variety of topics and not

leaving anything important

out. Sometimes when we are

wrapped up in day-to-day

tasks, we can forget some of

the big picture items we meant

to cover. Also when you work

ahead you will have the time to

proofread and make sure you

are posting quality information.

And of course you can find great

images and make sure your

content gets noticed.

Use my 4-step process to plan

and create monthly content---

Step #1 is Research


No matter

how much you think you know-

always do some research.

Find out what questions your

audience is asking, what they

are struggling with and what

they really want to purchase.

Also this isn’t a one-time task-

things can change. You should

do some research before you

begin each month’s calendar.

Step #2 is



Start with a

blank calendar. Then plan how

often you will post, where you

will post it, what main topics

your posts will be about. When

you have a framework in place

you can reuse it month after

month and just add in new

content to the established


Step #3 is

Create or Find

content that fits into your

framework. Content is easier to

find once you’ve defined what

you’re looking for. Remember to

have a nice mix of your original

content and great content you

find and share from others. Just

open up a word document and

have each page be one post. At

the top, put the date it will be

posted, write the post including

the links, and insert the image

you are going to use. Then just

keep going for each day! You

can do this for a week at a time

or finish the whole month at

once- your choice.

Using Editorial Calendars to Plan Social

By Lynne Wilson







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