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could simply be that it’s time

for a change. Once you’ve

started making changes

you can further refine them

to improve the customer

experience even further.


Reacting to Your


While your website has been

stagnating, your competition

may have been improving.

Updating your website is

an ideal way to react to

the advances that your

competition has made. While

you don’t want to copy the

changes of your competitors,

you can look to them for ways

inwhich you can improve your

own customer service. Do

they have more methods of

contact? Better social media

integration? A faster checkout

process? All of these things

could be funneling your

customers straight to them.

Regular updates to your

website keep your website

looking fresh, trendy, and

trustworthy. Older websites

indicate poor technology to

many customers, making

them wary of making

purchases and reducing

their company loyalty. A

new website is often an

excellent way to recapture

the attention of your existing

clientele while drawing in

new customers.

Karen Leonard is the co-founder andChiefMarketingOfficer of InnovativeGlobal

Vision, Inc. (IGV), a website design and digital marketing company in Ohio. With

over 17 years’ of experience in the IT field, Karen has a passion for helping small

businesses grow.  She works closely with her extraordinarily talented team of

developers, designers and marketing specialists to help businesses increase

profits through their website and build deeper, more profitable relationships

through the use of online marketing tools.

Connect with Karen at

her website

and on



’s video series







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