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Now that the New Year has settled in, I

intentionally like to dissect every aspect of my

life and decide, what’s working…what’s not?

What do I want to change, what would make

me happier and more productive?

I absolutely love the topic of “New Year, New You”

because it I think it is such a power move to do

something for yourself to drastically improve your

relationships, profession, and quality of life. I like

to dissect this subject into these three categories:

Let’s start with relationships

. Simplistically put,

take a keen look around at the people in your life

and decide, who “fills your bucket”, who makes you

laugh, who is positive in general and is there when

you need them. Also, notice individuals in your

life who may drain you, are somewhat selfish and

are often negative. Assess whether or not you are

getting anything positive through your relationship

with them. Simplistically put, spend more time with

those people that enhance your life and either

eliminate or reduce your time with the others.

Take a look at where changes can be made and

take action. They say we are greatly influenced by

the people we surround ourselves with. They can

make a difference in your mood, your actions and

your life.

Next, your career:

Are you happy and fulfilled?

Are you doing what you love and have intrinsic

motivation each and every day carried by a passion

to make a difference? It doesn’t matter what you

do, from a teacher, to an accountant, to an artist,

a car salesmen, a janitor, or an entrepreneur…

whatever you do, make sure you rock it! Do it with

pride and strive to be the best at it. An enormous

amount of our time is spent doing our jobs and

though it may seem easier just to continue with

your normal day to day, if you’re unhappy or not

Reevaluate Your Life

By Deitra Hickey, PhD







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