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fulfilled--take a close look and see what changes

you can make either within your organization or by

transitioning completely. It takes courage but you

won’t be sorry!

Lastly, your quality of life:

In addition to your

relationships and careers, this is going to include

your health, your mental peace, your perspective

and your life balance. Make sure you are honoring

and listening to your body. Give it what it needs

and remove what may be contributing to any

ailments, fatigue or mood. It may be getting more

sleep, eating healthier, committing to quit smoking

or lose weight, or taking up that hobby you have

always wanted to try; it may simply be to


some quality time for rest and relaxation in your

daily life. Whatever it is, remember, you deserve it!

To talk more about this or for more information,

call Serenity Health & Wellness Center at 419-891-

2181. You may also visit



com or

Dr. Deitra Hickey has a passion to help others find balance and reduce stress

through her motivational speaking and wellness professional developments. She

enthusiastically brings humor and real-life analogies to her audiences in a powerful,

relatable manner. Deitra developed strong will and resilience early on by taking

care of two paralyzed parents after witnessing both of them being shot. Deitra

dedicated her life encouraging others to capitalize on life’s challenges to reach their

maximum potential.

Connect with Deitra at her business,

Serenity Health an


Wellness Center


her website

and on

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