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I am assuming, you do not drive

your car by placing your hands

on the rear view mirror, nor do

you only look in the rear view.

You drive your car by placing

your hands on the steering

wheel and use the rear view

mirror and side mirrors as tools.

In coaching we use the 5 Pillars

for Success as our steering

wheel for life. The five pillars are:

Foundation, Fitness, Friends &

Family, FUN and FUNd$. © And

we set our course by making

choices in this moment, now, to

fulfill on our success forward,

not backwards.

How many of us, are driving our

lives by what happened in the

past? Someone did something,

said something, and you are

still hurting over it… could

also remember the good things

that happened and bring

those to now. Where are you

holding on to your past, where

are you suffering, settling and

surviving because of regrets,

disappointments, guilt or non-

forgiveness? Where are you

bringing your past into the

present, right now in negative

form? What you focus on grows.

What if you now remember

something from your past you

enjoyed, had a good time doing,

was living fully? That is now in

your present moment. How

does that make you feel, right

now? Where are you winning in

work and life? What you focus

on grows.

As your coach I support you in

creating strategies based on

your vision, to close the gap

between the present,


and that

Future State you

want to create, to drive



If you don’t know where you

are going, any road will get you

there but if you are interested

in living a life you love and

loving the life you live, let’s

Design it! and use my free

ebook at


Drive your Destiny.


n my video series,

I discuss

retraining your brain and using

your imagination to create the

Vision of where you want to go.

So in my ebook’s worksheet

I ask you to write down what

would you do if you knew you

could not fail?

Next let’s take a look at how

you are sabotaging yourself.

Have you ever put on make-

up while driving? I’ve done

this – have you? Or have you

The Steering

Wheel of Life

Do you have yourhands on the steeringwheel

of life? Or are you holdingonto the Rear


By Jamie Sue Johnson







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