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A client and I were recently talking about the

definition of success. She had been very successful

in her previous position, but now she was starting

her own business and she was filled with doubt

and worry about being successful. She felt the

definition of success changed with things like your

age and other circumstances over which you had

little or no control. She was seeing the definition as

limited to the top 3 definitions of a Google search:



the accomplishment of an aim or purpose,



the attainment of popularity or profit,



a person or thing that achieves desired aims

or attains prosperity.

While studying at the Academy for Coaching

Excellence, I was taught a definition of success that

ensured I would achieve my goals and at the same

time brought me a great deal of relief. It did the

same for my client when I shared it with her. I trust

it will do the same for you:

“Success is consistently doing what you said you

would do with clarity, focus, ease and grace.”



look a little closer at this definition.

People who have


know their purpose and

have a well-defined plan to accomplish it. They

know what is important to them and they know

the next step they need to take to move closer to

making it happen.

They are not distracted by every “Shiny Object” that

comes along, but are able to


their energy on

the implementation of their plan.


Mastering Life’s Energies, Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., MC

How to be


Every Day!

By Joan Washburn







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