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Cover Feature: Megan Patton Puts Her Clients First to Soar to Success 04. 3 P’s to Perfect Meetings by Holly Kile 2016’s Possible Security Problems by Jeanne DeWitt Ready to File 2015 Taxes by Tina Moe, CPA Using Editorial Calendars to Plan Social by Lynne Wilson Build Your Leadership Team for a Stable Company by Cindy Allen Stuckey 12. 10. 08.

Core Business Strategies

Business Acceleration Strategies

Personal Growth Strategies

16. 18. The 7 Ingredients: A Recipe for Business Success by Michael Kaplan How to Create Loyal Customers by Diane Helbig Imagine the Possibilities by The Merit Group The Benefits of Following a Business Plan by Ann Gatty, PhD Our Favorite Videos 42. 44. 38. 46. 54. Reevaluate Your Life by Deitra Hickey, PhD The Steering Wheel of Life by Jamie Sue Johnson Words & Grammar by Lillian Zarzar How to Be Successful Everyday By John Washburn 26. 28. 24. 30. Top 4 Things Every Website Needs by Lee Drozak 20. Attitude Trumps Everything by Rochelle Forrest 32. The Heart of Success by Deb Reis 34. Refreshing Your Image by Karen Leonard 22. The Role of The Collaborative Divorce Coach by Kristie Knights 36. Seven Strategies for Conquering Conflict at Work by Beth Caldwell The “job” Trap and 3 Steps to Set you Free by Jack Klemeyer The One Page Business Plan: Developing Action Plans by Megan Patton 48. 50. 52.

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