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The 7 Ingredients

A Recipe for Business Success

By Michael Kaplan

Let’s say you want to bake a cake that you have

never made before? How do you know how to

make it?

You find a recipe of course.

Why then do we start a business without knowing

the recipe for success?

Most business owners know how to do the

tasks of the business, but haven’t learned a

system for how to run a business. They complain

about putting out fires all the time, working

long hours, and not getting what they want

from their business. The problem is that they

don’t have a tried and true recipe for success.

There are

seven critical ingredients,

that make

up the recipe, to create a business that serves you.

As you see in the graphic,


lies in the

center, as the business is always an expression of

its owner.

Leadership is about finding the heart of your

business and the essence of your unique product

or service. It’s about understanding your values,

discovering why you do what you do (your

purpose), setting the vision for your business and

creating your culture.







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