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Megan Patton

Puts Her Clients First

to Soar to Success

Megan Patton always was interested in a variety of

subjects as a young girl and sought to learn as much

as she could about each one. She studied religion at

Kenyon College and joined the Peace Corps, where

she taught English in Nepal.

After her Peace Corps tour ended, she continued

to look for the “next best thing” and went back to

school to obtain an MBA at Case Western Reserve

University. While working on her masters, she

landed a job working in a start-up consulting

company. Although, she was not doing consulting

work, as the manager of the office she learned a

great deal by watching and absorbing everything

happening at that company.

After receiving her MBA, she secured a full-time

consulting job with another firm. They specialized in

the steel industry, where she was able to learn even

more about strategic thinking, competitive analysis

and creating a business plan that would actually

help a business succeed.

She continued her upward movement and moved

to a larger International Consulting firm where

she was exposed to a variety of industries. This

experience added to her education gave her a first-

rate practical education in business planning and


After taking a couple of years away fromwork, when

her third child was born, she was ready to continue

her career, when an opportunity to join her father

and brothers in business presented itself.







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