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Megan’s father was a retired CEO, and had begun

a new phase in his life, a consulting firm. He asked

his daughter to help with the business. She jumped

at the chance and loved the idea of working with

her father and brothers in this venture, which she

has now taken over.

Megan’s education and practical training has given

her a strong background as a business strategist.

She works primarily with the owners of a company

to help them plan and ensure departments are

working cohesively to keep the business heading

in the right direction.

Her passion is to help business owners

communicate their dreams and objectives and

turn them into tangible goals for the business. She

helps create a road map for the staff to keep the

business profitable, yet stay within the guidelines

established by the owner.

Megan shares, “

I love working with people

and trying to pull out their passion, their

best ideas, their hopes and their dreams for

their company. The difficult part for business

owners in implementing the strategies that will

help them achieve their vision is that they get

caught up in the day to day - there are fires to

put out and sales to make and all those tasks

that go into running a daily business. So what I

help them do is to step aside for a minute, take

a broader view and really focus on what needs

to be done today and tomorrow to help achieve

their goal. So it’s very today thinking. It’s very

much about coming up with action plans that

are implementable. They’re challenging, but

they’re realistic and doable and that’s what I

love. That’s what I get excited about.”

Megan has a vision for

her own company.


desires to be a trusted advisor for small to medium

sized businesses in her local area of Cleveland.

Her excitement about Cleveland and helping

businesses in the area grow and thrive is evident.

In addition, her vision also includes providing a







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