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place for other coaches and consultants to join her

and thrive in their own right.

Megan maintains a very flexible working

environment for her partners and has several

agreements in place with independent coaches

and consultants. Adding other consultants to her

business expands her sphere of influence. Plus,

when confronted with a client issue, in which she

may not be experienced, she can call on the other

members in her practice to help solve the problem.

It is all about the client’s needs for Megan,

“Ultimately I want my firm to be recognized as

one that delivers excellence to their clients.

Whether that means I’m delivering the product

or somebody else is, that’s okay as long as my

client’s getting the best solution possible.”

She finds motivation from her clients when they

are successful. A client that calls with a success

story is what keeps her going and striving to help

as many people as possible.

She said,

“That’s the fun part, when you can start to see

some clarity after being stuck in the muck.

You see the things that are wrong and create

systems, the boring stuff, but when those come

to fruition and the client looks back at their plan

and says, “Wow I did steps 1-7 and I actually had

success.” That’s really exciting and it motivates

me to keep doing what I do.”

Megan maintains a busy schedule outside her

own office and time management is a priority. She

is currently the President of Cleveland Chapter of NAWBO and serves on several boards in the

Cleveland area.

Megan is living proof that even the best coaches

need some coaching from time to time.

“Time management is huge. I’ve had the

opportunity to work with a wonderful time

management coach, Lisa Crilley Mallis, with

System Savvy Consulting, who has really

helped me get those building blocks in place

and smooth out my foundation, so that I’m







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