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operating on a daily position of strength. It is so

easy to get overwhelmed, with being a business

owner, a volunteer, and a parent. There is so

much that can derail you on a every day. I’ve

been fortunate that I work with a great coach

and believe every coach needs a coach.”

Megan’s one piece of advice for business people,

Be a sponge!

Take every opportunity to network,

learn fromothers and evenmeet your competitors.

Most people are willing to open up about their

business, talk about their successes, as well as,

their failures and offer advice. People love to be

seen as mentors to someone who is just starting

out. So, be a sponge and soak it all up.

Megan is very secure in her personal and business

life right now and loves the flexibility working in her

own business provides. She has control over what

clients she accepts and still has the opportunity

to help her community by serving on a various

nonprofit boards. She can even take time to be

involved with her children’s school activities.

She has one child attending college, one ready to

enter college next year and her youngest will start

high school.

“It’s a very exciting time, personally, watching

my kids turn into adults, the next stage in their

lives. It’s been fun to be with them on that

journey. My husband is extremely supportive

of my career. He is my biggest supporter and

advisor. He’s successful in his own right and

in the evening you’ll find us talking about our

business or other companies that we’re familiar

with. It’s just a lot of fun right now.”

Megan Patton has accumulated a wonderful set

of experiences and memories. Her business is

growing and she can’t wait for what tomorrow

brings, as she continues to “Soar to Success.”

To learn more about Megan and her business visit:


To contact her directly, either email: mpatton@ or phone 440-655-4755.

When Soar to Success asked Megan what three traits

she has found in successful people that “Soar to

Success”, she listed three important features.

The first trait is

honesty and humility

. Many people

give lip service to those two important items, but

Megan believes that they are clear markers for success.

When somebody is willing to honestly look at

themselves, understand where their shortcomings are

and have the humility to accept advice, whether it’s

from an external coach or from their own staff, that’s

a marker for success. People most open to growth,

development, andchangewill ultimatelybesuccessful.”

The second important trait for success is



. Every successful person has to have a

passion for learning. They must keep current on

the latest practices within their industry. Trade

publications, conferences, and associations all

become important means of continuing education.

A successful person is active outside of their own

business and keeps abreast of what’s happening in

their industry as a whole.

The third trait of a successful entrepreneur is a strong

work ethic

. It is critical that you work hard, keep on

top of your business systems and stay active in your


Three Traits Necessary to Soar to Success

Megan Patton with NAWBO Board Members







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