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Whether you are meeting with a new or existing

client, your team or your child’s teacher, there are

three things you need to do to ensure the meeting

goes well.

Meetings are a part of life. We meet with friends. We

meet with colleagues. We meet with our team. We

meet with clients. We meet with prospects. Not every

meeting goes as well as planned. To ensure that your

meeting (and the message you want to convey) goes

smoothly, I recommend these three P’s.

The first P is Be Punctual

. Being on time is one

way to start the meeting out right. Being where you

are supposed to be at the right time sends a clear

message to those you are meeting that you value

their time and are anxious to meet with them.

The second P is Be Prepared

. When you are

meeting with someone, you should always be

prepared for the conversation. That may mean

preparing an agenda to stay on track and ensure

everything that needs to be covered is discussed.

3 P’


to Perfect Meetings

By Holly Kile







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