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Holly Kile works with professional coaches and work-at-home entrepreneurs to help

them create more time, energy and money through leveraging the power of virtual

tools and teams. Using her extensive background in operations management,

systems analysis/implementation and strategic business marketing, Holly works

with business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with figuring out how to

effectively achieve their vision for their business. Holly is the president of HJK Global

Solutions and founder of Connect Coaching Academy.

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HJK Global Solutions

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It may mean reviewing documents in advance so

that you can talk about them and make decisions

accordingly. It may just mean doing some

homework so you know a bit more about who

you are meeting and how you might serve them

best. Regardless, being prepared is another clear

statement of professionalism.

The third and final P is Be Present.

When you

meet with someone, turn off your cell phone, close

your door and alert anyone that needs to know

that you are unavailable. If you are distracted by

television or people around you, select a meeting

location that will be distraction-free. When you

are present, you are less likely to miss important

details but more importantly, you are letting the

person you are with know that you value their


Eachof these 3P’s boil down toone simple concept:


. Respect the people that you are meeting

with by valuing their time and contribution. Always

Be Punctual, Prepared and Present.

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