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If the idea of a 9 to 5 workday

spent sitting behind a desk

sounds completely foreign to

you, you’re not alone. Today’s

business professionals spend as

much time working outside of

the office as they do in it, with

mobile technology helping to

create a mobile workforce.

For many mobile businesses,



is their Achilles’ heel. While

employees can call in to check

voice messages left on their

office line, traditional telephony

systems canmake this a real pain.

Instead, employees are using

their personal mobile numbers

to conduct business, creating

a host of issues around privacy

and continuity of customer care,

not to mention confusion for

clients and associates trying to

track down a specific person.

Luckily, there is a business

telephony solution that not

only gets rid of these common

frustrations, but offers a more

reliable and cost-effective means

of handling all of your business’

communication needs. Cloud-

based VoIP (Voice over Internet

Protocol) phone systems give your

team access to a wide selection of

helpful features, and lets them

turn their mobile device into a

portable version of your internal

communications infrastructure.

Cloud-based VoIP gives your

team the freedom to:

Enjoy features like extension

dialing and direct voicemail

access from their mobile


Use the same contact

number for phone, fax,

and text - making them

easily reachable by clients,

colleagues, and associates.

Access SMS, voicemail, online

faxing, audio conferencing,

and web meetings using a

mobile app.

Store contact information

for clients, vendors, and

associates in a cloud

directory where authorized

users can access needed

information through the app

without storing potentially

sensitive information directly

on their personal devices.

The benefits of cloud-based

VoIP aren’t limited to just your



Be IfYou Could CarryYour

Office InYour Pocket?

By Jeanne DeWitt







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