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I have found I am empowered when I take action. It

is impossible for me to feel helpless, hopeless and

overwhelmed when I am taking action. When each of

us shares our Light, our world becomes brighter! Let’s

look at how doing good and walking our talk makes

us feel better.

Have you been following our Circle of Light Facebook

Group? Each month we focus on a way to be a

philanthropist and share our light, love and joy. This

month it is to walk our talk. Whatever your religion,

everyone has a faith in something and a set of ideals

they believe in. Think of those things you believe are

important and do your best every day.

As we do good for others, we begin to feel better.

Where are you placing your attention? Remember

whatever you are focusing on is expanding. You are

also attracting like minds. Look around you. Are you

where you want to be?

I have found that when I listen to the fears, needs and

hopes of my community… my world…. I know that

there is work that needs to be done. I am focusing on

what is in my control. I have started our community

on Facebook so it could be a place for us to share

the goodness we see and what we are doing to take

action – to really walk our talk, every month, not just

this one.

Remember we are part of the solution!

Take small steps. Here’s how I do it - I make a list. This

year I am breaking down the tasks into small steps

Walk Your Talk:

Take Action NOW!








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