Soar to Success November 2017

Enterprise Resource Planning software - better known simply as ERP - is a great way to streamline vital business processes and simplify your workflow. It’s also a fantastic way to gain insight into your business’ operations. By pooling all of your important company data into a centralized database, your departments are no longer segregated, and your staff can make use of ERP modules to access needed information. Your employees will no longer need to rely on totally different programs and applications from department to department, making it much easier for your staff to share information or follow up on processes that don’t always directly relate to their specific job. More importantly, an ERP solution makes it extremely easy for you to get a complete overview of every aspect of your business operations. All of your important data is there for you to review in a single database. ERP software is not a new innovation, but cloud-based or hosted ERP is a new take on this solution. Not only does it offer all of the same benefits businesses have come to expect from an ERP solution, but it allows you to drastically cut down on the cost of installing and using ERP software. Especially when you source your hosted ERP solution directly from an experienced cloud provider. An on-site ERP solution often involves working with multiple vendors, whichmakes something as simple as adding new users or updating software a long, drawn-out process. Hosted ERP eliminates much of that hassle by creating a more flexible and agile ERP deployment that Cloud-Based ERP Solutions Are A Cost-Efficient Means Of Bettering Your Business By Jeanne DeWitt SOAR TO SUCCESS / N ovember 2017 / Core Business Strategies