A Holiday Gift Guide for Revamping Your Business Technology

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revamping business technology

As December 25th draws nearer, there is no shortage of items that need to be taken care of over the next few weeks. One of those items is likely your gift shopping list! Among those you’re buying for this year, there might be one important person you haven’t thought about. Well, maybe not person, exactly. But still every bit as important. I’m talking about your business. Your technology has been with you every step of the way, through every late night and deadline. If your business could talk, we guarantee that this is what would be on its wish list this year:

1) VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as its more commonly known, is a business phone system that relies on an Internet connection rather than a traditional phone line. A hosted VoIP solution provides a fully scalable and cost-effective phone system that can accommodate as many users as needed, and allow your employees to take their office line on the go with them using their mobile device.

2) Cloud Server – Cloud servers can not only help make accessing data quickly and securely from anywhere simple, but can work a minor miracle on your IT budget. Cloud servers – sometimes called Virtual Dedicated Servers or VDS – can easily be scaled up to accommodate your business’ growing storage needs, without the hassle and cost associated with having to purchase, install, and maintain onsite hardware.

3) Secure File Sharing ¬- The ability to share files between team members is a necessity when it comes to efficiency and productivity. A secure file sharing solution means data can be shared and viewed on mobile devices, and in the event that one of those devices is lost or stolen, sensitive data can be erased from the device remotely. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and industry leading security built directly into the platform, your data will always be safe.

4) ERP System – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suites are pricey, and not an investment every business can justify making. But a cloud-based ERP solution is a cost-effective alternative that offers all of the same benefits. All of your business systems need the ability to grow as your business grows, and a hosted ERP solution such as Acumatica or one of the many Microsoft Dynamics programs will give your business that flexibility.

Your business has been very good this year – and very good to you. So why not invest in technology solutions that will help it be even better next year? Contact me to start your holiday gift shopping for your business today!

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