Are You Running From Your Life?

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running from life

Are you taking the time to smell the roses?

We always seem to be on the run. We are on a treadmill and don’t see an end, but from what or from whom are we running?Sometimes we give away so much of ourselves and get so exhausted and hurt that our little lights just seem to have been extinguished. We stop shining brightly. We feel, quite literally, burned out. It all boils down to one primary question we may find ourselves asking: ‘When did my light go out?’

Do you find yourself dashing madly around trying to get somewhere, but you’re not sure where? Or maybe you’ve been running for so long and you finally feel like you’ve hit a wall. If so, then you may already have discovered that running on the treadmill of life can bring everything to a crashing halt—and you end up feeling:

Lonely and
Tired (HALT).

Sometimes it can be hard to accept that we’ve burned out from all this running, even if we were just trying to keep up with doing what we thought were the right things! Other times we may not even know that we are running, but we do know we’re feeling a lot of HALT. The truth is, you can’t step off a treadmill that you don’t know you’re on. So it’s very important to examine our HALT feelings in order to put a stop to the running that is creating them.

Do A HALT Check

Spend 15 minutes identifying the ways that running has dimmed your light. Begin by taking a few deep breaths and settling into a comfortable position. Notice your resistance; are you thinking about what you should be doing? Now start thinking slowly about all the things you do from day to day, and notice how you feel about each one. In what parts of your life are you feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired? Where do you feel most burned out? Now that you know, take a time out and re-assess what’s important to you.

If you need help with your HALT check, I am here for you. Go to and sign-up to receive my ebook, Re-Ignite Your Inner Light absolutely FREE. Or maybe you are ready for the deep dive! Check it out on my website. Also watch my video on this topic.

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