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Capsule wardrobe

Spring is a time of new growth and new color! So why not in your wardrobe too!  When you look into your closet, do you feel relaxed and confident because of numerous options?  Does it feel fresh and energizing? Do you feel fabulous when you wear those items? No? Well, let’s turn that around for you right now!

A capsule wardrobe is a simple concept that has been around since the1970’s. If you’ve never heard of it, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, which are then augmented with seasonal pieces and accessories.

Now is the time for a fresh new look! Avoid feeling frustrated or depressed about your clothing by creating a fresh spring capsule wardrobe using these three easy steps:

The first step is to look in your closet and choose your favorite spring items. Of those favorites, choose 1 top, a pair of pants, a jacket and skirt or dress.

Next, evaluate those pieces: do they go together?  Identify what they have in common.  Chances are you will find they have a common color theme or complement each other. Now, you have chosen your basic pieces to build on.

How many times have you gone shopping and found a fabulous top, only to get home and realize you don’t really have anything to pair it with?  You can avoid this frustration by using your basic pieces as the starting point. The last step is to build your capsule wardrobe adding one piece at a time!  Look for things that will work with all pieces. By adding colorful spring tops, or accessories, how many outfits can you make by mixing and matching? Use your imagination, and don’t forget the details like accessories and shoes! The right shoe can make a dramatic difference!

Take a look at my example here.  In my illustration, I’ve added only two spring tops and some fun accessories to my basic black pants, jeans and black skirt. Changing it up with shoes and just a few accessories, I have now created a capsule with more than 20 different outfits!  Remember the details, the smallest change can make a huge difference.  Use the colors of spring to confidently give new life to your wardrobe and have fun!

Not sure where to start? Contact me and I’d be happy to do a closet assessment and capsule creation with you. Also, be sure to take my quiz here, to discover your personal profile.  It’s the start to defining your style.

Read this article in the May 2017 issue of Soar to Success magazine.

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