Boost Your Confidence by Living Intentionally

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Are you living your life on purpose – in word and action? Do you make thoughtful choices… in all areas, including your wardrobe? When you begin to be intentional you build confidence.

Let’s start by looking at what it means to be intentional. Intentional living involves taking responsibility for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and freeing ourselves from self-limiting beliefs. It requires gaining clarity about what we want and especially who we are!  Most basically, living intentionally means defining our values and making choices that reflect those.

Are you wondering what this has to do with your image?  From my perspective, there are so many important things that I value, like my family, spending time with my grandkids, making a contribution to the world through my work and so on. So I want my clothing to show who I am and to boost my confidence. I also don’t want my wardrobe to take up too much of my time. How do I do that? By having a closet that reflects my LIFE™ style, my personal profile, and my values. You can do that too!

Here are three steps to get you started:

  1. Know Yourself. Clarify your values and determine your personal profile style. Determine what’s important to you? What motivates you? What excites you?You can immediately boost your confidence by discovering your personal profile style within my LIFE™ program. Knowing your natural style is an important component to knowing yourself. Go take my quiz now to find out your style.
  2. Stop Worrying About Everyone Else and Embrace Imperfection. Always strive for growth and improvement. Live your life according to your values, but don’t expect yourself to be perfect. Don’t compare yourself or your body to anyone else, just embrace being perfectly imperfect and enjoy every minute of it!
  3. Declutter Your Life. Take an honest assessment of your life and let go of those things that hold you back. If something doesn’t have meaning or value in your life, why are you hanging on to it? This is true for your wardrobe too! You want a wardrobe that truly reflects who you are. That means clothes that fit, make you feel good when you put them on, and reflect your personal style. If you are like most women, it’s probably time for a little decluttering in your closet.

These three steps will put you on the path of intentional living.  Keep practicing. Keep exploring. Keep choosing. Keep living your values. Live your life with confidence.  Sometimes the most seemingly insignificant choice can make a drastic difference.

Read this article in the April issue of Soar to Success magazine.

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