Business/Corporate Retreats with a Holistic Focus are Beneficial for Your Organization

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Business/Corporate Retreats

In previous articles, I have spoken about using essential oils to help relieve stress for yourself as well as using them in organizations.  Have you thought about using oils in your business retreat?  Many businesses are finding ways to do cost effective yet beneficial corporate retreats.  This goal can be accomplished with essential oils and more.

In the past, corporate retreats were expensive due to the sometimes excessive costs associated with providing many activities.  Some companies may continue this model, but others are looking to do cost effective, scaled down corporate retreats that provide many of the same benefits.

Rather than spend limited company resources on training and guest speakers, many are looking at professional development specialists to guide their retreats.  This takes the pressure off the manager and doesn’t require them to spend precious time away from their other duties.

Reasons why you may consider a corporate retreat include:

Building Morale, Strengthening Bonds between Employees, Providing Valuable Training and Developing Talent.  Getting away from the office can get your employees more excited and productive upon returning to work.  Employees can participate in shared activities and develop authentic relationships.

The retreat environment and activities are perfect to Develop Creativity, Teamwork, Problem-solving and other skills to increase productivity in your company.

We’ve got a solution, so you can provide effective retreats that work, that are within your budget and achieve the results you desire. Our team will meet with you and identify the perfect activities to address the goals for your company.  We share the benefits of essential oils for creating the right environment and aiding in health and wellness.  If desired, relaxation techniques are shared along with activities integrating nature to bring a balance to one’s external and internal environments.

Contact me on email to request a FREE consultation where we can discuss designing the perfect retreat for your organization.  Thank you – we look forward to working with your team!

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