Celebrate You

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Celebrate you

Are you so busy working, taking care of everyone and everything else that you put yourself last, or pass on your own needs all together?  Do you find yourself throwing something on just to get out the door on time?   Do you put everything else ahead of investing in yourself?  If you’re like me, summer can be a time when things seem to slow down just a little. The academic year is done, kids finish school, college students may return home, and life in general seems to move at a more relaxed pace.  It’s the perfect time to celebrate you!

As women, we often find ourselves overworked and under pampered! Too busy juggling responsibilities and all our obligations that we skip ourselves.  Celebrate who you are by investing in yourself because you deserve it!  After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, then we eventually can’t take care of others.

I used to feel guilty when I did small things for myself, but now I realize it actually helps me be a better me.   Many people dismiss polishing the outside as frivolous or self-indulgent.  But it’s not, as long as you don’t go overboard.  I’m not talking about facelifts or Botox, I’m talking about getting a fabulous haircut, taking care of your skin, a little touch of cosmetics and wearing clothes that make you feel attractive and confident.

Does your closet overwhelm you?  Mine did!  That kind of frustration has the potential to send us down a path of negative self-talk that benefits no one. Many women just haven’t invested the time for an assessment of their current wardrobe. That alone can be very uplifting!  Now’s the perfect time to take inventory and get rid of what’s not working!

Next schedule a cup of coffee and quiet time for yourself to really celebrate who you are!  Do a personal assessment. Write down your attributes and words that describe you.  Ask yourself how you would like others to see you?  What styles are you drawn to and what do you value most in a wardrobe?  For example, you might be someone who likes loose fitting clothes because you value comfort.  Possibly you value being practical and structured clothing suits your activities, or maybe you’re casual but polished.  Give it some honest thought, write it down. What colors are you drawn to?  Have you had a professional color analysis? How much black is in your wardrobe?  You’ve heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, so what words do you want your wardrobe to say about you?

Investing in yourself truly makes a difference in your life, your well-being.  It’s an act of self-love that builds your confidence by allowing your gifts to shine to the world.  If you need help getting started, check out my style quiz at my website.    Honor your own needs today and live life confident!

Read this article in the June 2017 issue of Soar to Success magazine.

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