Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

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It’s easy to be grateful when things are going well. It’s not so easy when it’s not. So why in the world should we focus on the power of appreciation when we’re talking about engagement?

The best way to create a culture of appreciation in the workplace is to start with the person who matters most – YOU! Because we’re wired for negativity, it’s much easier to see what’s wrong in our lives, instead of looking for the good. You say you’re not negative? Let me give you a little quiz. Imagine, you found the ideal product you want to buy on Amazon. There are 100 reviews. 98 of them are positive, and two are negative. Which ones do you read first?

You probably fessed up and said “the negative ones,” right? That’s okay. Our programming goes back to caveman days when if we were kind to the saber-toothed tiger, it would eat us. It’s all good. We just need to change our habits.

How do you do that? By taking my 30-day Gratitude Challenge. Every day for the next month, write down three to five things you are grateful for. And yes, you must write it down. Not only do you use a lot more of your senses in the writing process (feeling the pen, hearing the words, seeing words, feeling the emotion), you also have a permanent record to go back to and read on the days you need it.

Why does this matter? Because when you can find the good, it changes your perspective on life. You’ll even start to feel better physically – but that information is for the next episode.

Here are three ways to change your SELF when it comes to appreciation:

  1. Morning Journal. First thing in the morning, before your feet hit the floor, write down 3-5 things for which you are grateful. You can even be grateful in advance, “I’m so thankful that my meeting with my boss went well!” Start the day off on a positive note.
  2. Wins Journal. Before you turn the light off at night, look back on your day and write down three good things – or wins – that happened to you. Not only does this make you feel better about your day, it helps you sleep better too.
  3. ABC’s of Gratitude. If you find yourself having difficulty falling asleep, here’s a drug-free way to get you there. Simply pick a random letter in the alphabet and think of something that you’re grateful for that begins with that letter. Then go in alphabetical order until you’re out. The chances are good that it will take you 5-6 letters (which is why I no longer start with A). You’ll fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and awaken more refreshed!

Use these three strategies and you will start to see the world through those “rose colored glasses” you’ve heard so much about.

To get started with your 30-day gratitude challenge, get your free copy of “Thank You Notes: Your 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Workbook“ by sending me an email with “Thank you Notes” in the subject line to

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