Choosing the Right Senior Care Living Option For Your Parents

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Most people don’t realize there are many different types of senior care living options. Finding the right fit for mom or dad is no easy undertaking.

I’m working with a client who lives in Ohio. His son contacted me because dad is having difficulty with meals and is feeling isolated and secluded since mom passed. His son would like to move dad closer but is unsure of which direction to turn. Navigating the senior care housing market is not easy and one of the things that our senior care advisors do best. There are over 400 senior care living options in Western Pennsylvania. With so many options, it becomes overwhelming.

For a senior, like my client, who is independent and able to manage his own medications, yet in need of socialization and meals, a senior care high rise or an independent living facility could be great options.

Senior high-rises are apartments for seniors aged 62 and up. They are generally subsidized by government supported housing for people with low to moderate income. These 1-2 bedroom apartment settings offer some activities and emergency services.

Another great option we are considering for my client is an independent living facility. These facilities offer studio, and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. They also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, lots of activities, transportation and outings as well as housekeeping and laundry.

The biggest differences between senior care high-rises and independent living facilities is cost.   Independent living settings are not government subsidized. They are generally private pay at a higher cost, however, they do offer more amenities.  Senior care high-rises do not provide meals, transportation or housekeeping.

If you are considering a senior care living setting for mom or dad,  please contact us via telephone at 412-999-7892 or visit online Our senior care advisors can help you navigate the options, costs, locations, and availability of these different types of settings.

I wish you and your loved one’s happiness and lifelong independence.

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