Cool Down Inflammation In a Natural Way

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Alright, the holidays are over but the effects of the stress can be lingering with inflammation leading to discomfort, fatigue or general malaise. Let’s take a look at how stress can cause inflammation and 3 ways to cool it down naturally.
Most of us have experienced stress over the holiday season and into the New Year.

Stress comes from the fight or flight response which causes a release of the hormone Cortisol. This hormone has a big role with causing inflammation and draining the immune system. Although we may “blame” the holiday season, the truth is that our society is more stressed and depressed than ever, AND it is occurring at younger ages.

We can do things to cool the inflammation and bring our immune system back to balance.

First, review your DIET. Avoid inflammatory foods like wheat, dairy and sugar.

Second, EXERCISE. 30 min per day can be anti-inflammatory and releases those natural feel good emotions and hormones.

Third, SUPPLEMENTS such as PROBIOTICS and ANTIOXIDANTS may support the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body.

Finally, some Essential Oils also can have anti-inflammatory qualities, such as GINGER. Add a drop to rice milk to reduce gastric inflammation. FRANKINCENSE essential oil can be applied over areas of inflamed muscles or nerves to cool it down. And of course my favorite, PEPPERMINT oil with its menthol can cool sore muscles.

Stress is going to happen and inflammation can be a side effect. However, you now know natural ways to prevent or to cool the inflammation effects.

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