Create a Powerful Vision for Your Life

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Would it be all right with you to live an extraordinary life instead of a mediocre life? January is the perfect time to create the vision for the “life you would love to live”. Notice that I said, Love, not, just Like! It’s important to live a life we love! What would you love for yourself, your family, your community and even the world?

Your vision represents the dreams you have for your life. What has meaning and a sense of purpose for you? What are you curious about? What is yours to do in this lifetime? What makes your heart sing? What are you doing with your life so that you know you are making a difference?

One reason to create a vision is being discontented with your current life. Discontentment means you have an urge to grow. We all have the urge to grow, to expand, to develop. Discontent is not unhappiness; it’s more a sense of what’s next, what is my next learning?

Another reason to construct a vision is to create a personal world of Inner-Ease. Physical reality is so full of change and unpredictability; sometimes it’s more than we can keep up with. By having a clear vision for your life, you create an oasis of calm within yourself. You can build your capacity for resilience into your vision by asking yourself, “How can I BE more?” Notice, I didn’t say, “DO more!” BEING more is quite different than DOING more! In this 24/7/365 world of complexity, plan to actually get off the fast-track.

There is no need to wait for retirement. Vision is about living the life you would love right now. Without a vision, you end up on the same road you have always been traveling or on a different road you had no desire to be on. Get clear about what it is you truly want for your life; otherwise, you will continue to produce the same behaviors and results.

As you write your vision, be specific and write in present tense as if it is already so. This compels you to live and act as if your vision is already here. Let your imagination run wild! Show up BIG and BOLD! This is no time to be shy or timid. Scare yourself with excitement and enthusiasm over your future. Remember to include how you want to use these six forms of energy in your life: Money, Time, Physical Vitality, Relationships, Enjoyment and Creativity.

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