Create a Stress-Free Zone this Holiday

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Stress-Free Zone this Holiday

Think back to your childhood.

Were the holidays filled with wonder and joy? When did this change? What would it take to bring it back?

Holidays are to be a time of fun and celebration.  If your holiday routine doesn’t bring you joy, it’s time to re-think and re-design your holidays.

Focus on time together with family and friends, and be sure to schedule alone time too. Making time for yourself is very important for stress-relief and happiness during the holidays.

Did you know that for many people, their stress levels INCREASE rather than DECREASE during holidays? It’s true.  If this is you, it’s time to say out with the old, and in with the new. Find ways to honor old traditions, while making them more practical, simple and modern.

Here’s one idea. In our home, we create a fun, stress-free zone together. We invite you to involve your whole family or team, and give it a try.

How to Create a STRESS-FREE zone this Holiday.

Invite all of YOUR senses to enjoy and experience the holidays at home, work, school and more. Begin by making a list of the 5 senses, and then find items to support each sense. Here are some ideas from our home to yours to get you started.

Sight – Surround yourself with beautiful colors. Perhaps there is a room that houses your special holiday décor, or a space in your office to decorate.

Sound – Make sure your home includes holiday music and sounds that soothe you.

Touch – Add soft pillows and blankets that are soothing to the touch. In our home, we each have our own special blankets to wrap up in to watch movies, sports, and shows.

Taste – Create special family recipes and enjoy experimenting with taste, TOGETHER. Creating a family cookbook is a GREAT way to pass on a stress-free zone for your loved ones over the generations.

Smell –Yum! Our one sense that is DIRECTLY related to holiday. My personal trick is to diffuse Holiday Joy essential oil all season long. It gives a BIG warm welcome to everyone coming into our home, office or school.  It smells amazing and just like the holidays. Get yours easily at, and email me any questions. Diffusing is safer than candles, and adds water to the air, which is great for the skin.

Creating your very own, personal stress-free zone will become one of your favorite holiday traditions.

For more ways to decrease stress and increase joy, check out

I’d love to hear from you and help you enjoy the holidays. Email me at

Enjoy the Holidays and Happy New Year. #Grow.Shine.Thrive.

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