Dieting Ketogenic Style Using Essential Oils

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Dieting Ketogenic Style Using Essential Oils

New Year’s resolutions are just right around the corner and one of the top goals is dieting! So why not change your lifestyle dōketō style!

For most us weight, age, stress, sleep, adrenal fatigue, hormones and even time can all fight against us in losing weight. So, when nothing else works what do we do? Well we find another “diet.”

Have you ever heard about the ketogenic diet?

My friend Naomi Perez who lives in Hawaii introduced me to ketogenic! Naomi had lost almost 50 lbs. and several dress sizes within 4 months by incorporating dōTERRA with the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Like most of us, my whole life I was told that fat makes you fat. But this diet makes sense! This diet is not a new diet! It has been around for over 90 years! It was developed in 1924 by Dr. Russell Wilder at the Mayo Clinic.

It was originally developed to help patients with epilepsy because the healthy fats gave the brain what it needed to function at optimal levels and the clinic later studied for the benefits on Alzheimer, dementia, cancer, depression, diabetes, inflammation, migraines, sleep, hormones, metabolism and so much more.

But guess what? People lost weight, had more energy, and of course that clarity of mind we all crave. When I studied keto, I heard there are side effects, such as keto flu, cough, headaches, body aches and pains; however, the way Naomi explained it, if we use the dōTERRA lifelong vitality pack for nutrition, bone nutrient for magnesium and essential oils for joint discomfort and emotional support the diet would be easy with less side effects and she was right!

This diet has worked so well for me in the last couple months that I had to become a “Certified ketogenic coach” developed by Kate Jaramillo. She is amazing and has been a fitness trainer for 10 years and a nutritional coach for over 4 years.

Kate and I will be traveling doing workshops, so anyone interested in learning what ketogenics is and how to support the body by using essential oils and supplements can find out.

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For Dec 16th, 2017 workshop

To attend one of our ketogenics workshop, contact us at We will even come to you for a workshop of 50 or more people.

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