Five Signs Your Business Is In Need Of An ERP System

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There are some minor frustrations that feel like just another part of running a business, but they’re not facts of life – they’re indications that it might be time for your business to look at adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ERP is simply the integrated management of core business practices through software and technology, and the following are five signs that an ERP solution is something your business needs:

1) Each Process Has Its Own Software – When accounting, sales, and warehouse staff each use their own system, the process of fulfilling orders can quickly become drawn-out. When your various front-end and back-end systems run independently of one another, the processes that are supposed to help your operations run smoothly instead become a confusing, counterproductive mess. ERP software integrates these different systems and processes, creating a central database for these components to operate from.

2) Business Information Isn’t Easily Accessible – If your business relies on systems and spreadsheets that need to be updated and reconciled manually, a simple request may not be so simple. An ERP system offers a complete view of your operations from the top down, making sure that every employee has fast and easy access to all your important information.

3) Accounting Is A Long, Difficult Process – Relying on paper-based invoices and sales orders means your staff has to devote hours of their time each week to manually updating various systems with sales data. The same goes for manually updated spreadsheets that track department-specific data. An ERP eliminates the need to cross-post data, creating a central database and leaving your staff free to focus on other tasks.

4) Your Sales And Your Customers Are Suffering – If you run out of a popular item or can’t verify the status of an order when the customer asks for an update because that information isn’t readily available, you’re left with unhappy customers and frustrated employees. An ERP system that consolidates sales, inventory, and customer data into an easily accessible database allows your staff to always have the answers they need, exactly when they need them.

5) Your IT Is Overly-Complicated – When your IT environment is made up of a grab-bag of systems and solutions, maintaining your environment and keeping software up-to-date and functioning can be a time-consuming challenge. Rather than making a complicated setup even more complicated, an ERP system gives your business the ability to adapt and scale resources as needed, simplifying your technology without compromising function.

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