Happy Moments Versus Luminous Moments

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Luminous moments

Is there something better than Happy Moments?  Let’s take a look at take a look at Luminous moments and how very different these moments are compared to Happy Moments.

When we are taking action on those things that really matter to us we have the opportunity to experience luminous moments.

The difference between a happy moment and a luminous moment is this: In luminous moments you have taken action on something important to you. Happy moments occur to or for you versus luminous moments are intentionally created by you. A happy moment might be licking the hot fudge off the rim of your ice cream bowl or taking a walk in the crisp autumn weather. Wonderful to experience but rather a fleeting moment in time.

But a luminous moment looks like this. Several years ago our family decided to go to Disney World. My husband and I had been there before but not our daughter and her family. Our first luminous moment occurred when we walked down Main Street at Magic Kingdom. I was taking the lead and happened to look back and saw tears running down my daughter’s face, I said “What’s Up’ and she said “Mom look it’s Cinderella’s Castle.” At that moment she and I both experienced luminosity. A brilliant moment of light because we had taken action on something that was very important to us: “to be loving family members.” Later that evening we watched the fireworks and on the way back to our hotel my 10 year old grandson was sitting next to me on the bus and he said how magical the day was. Even a 10 year old can recognize luminosity! A moment NEVER to be forgotten.

Luminosity is creating extraordinary moments instead of the customary or the ordinary moments. Luminosity is about taking a deep breath and knowing that all is well. It’s about locating your natural heart of compassion and truly seeing what you really want to be doing for your life.

This week notice when you appreciate and delight in the moment- the smile from a friend or family member, the aroma of your favorite candle, recognizing you are doing what you meant to be doing, right here, right now. Each luminous moment you experience casts a golden glow on your Life’s Journey. For more information contact me at kris@mycoachingdimensions.com.

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