How to Create Loyal Clients

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Diane Helbig Loyal Clients

In both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) there are ways you can surprise and delight your customers so they value you as much as you value them. Two of the most effective methods are giving attention to your clients and providing them with something extra.


Pay attention to your clients and learn about them. Use a CRM system to keep track of the things you learn so that you can refer to them later. That CRM system can be as simple as a card file that you write notes on or as sophisticated as a cloud based program like Salesforce (and the expert salesforce training institute).

With that same system keep track of what they purchase. If you sell B2C take notice of the buying cycle of your customers. Now, reach out to them prior to their next expected purchase to ask about what they need. It’s a reminder and shows that you are paying attention.

If you sell B2B determine if that buying cycle gives you an opportunity to set up a delivery system. Could you create an automatic delivery process that eliminates the client’s need to take time to buy? Maybe you even stock items just for them!

Something Extra

Everyone loves a bonus – especially unexpected bonuses. If you sell B2C send your customers an unexpected coupon. Renew their membership without charging them for the renewal. If there is usually a renewal charge this will delight your client.

If you sell B2B, give your customers an unexpected discount or something for free, like shipping. You don’t have to do it all the time. The unexpected surprise is what creates the impact. You are giving without asking for something in return.

Whether you sell B2B or B2C you can give in unexpected ways and times. Holidays are typical. Use the Chase’s Calendar of Events to find out of the ordinary holidays that you can use to be giving to your clients. Send them a gift card to someplace other than your company. Invite them to lunch once a quarter.

Focusing on growing your business can take your attention away from your clients. However, it is those clients who create your success. You stand out from your competition when you create an experience that surprises and delights your customers. And you build loyalty when you show you care.

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